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Lying on the ground, feeling the soil
After a long walk through the forest in Sierra Gorda, nothing better than lying on the floor and breath deeeply.
You feel every single muscle of your body, you are sweating, you feel exhausted. But the things you have seen in the previous hours are so amazing that you don't mind about that. You just close your eyes and keep the beauty in your mind.
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Sierra Gorda natural reserve
Have you already tried the Sierra Gorda experience? A nature and culture destination in the most ecodiverse area in Mexico.
Don`t miss the opportunity, you won't regret.
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Wild strawberries
The first time I saw wild straberries in my life was in Sierra Gorda, Queretaro. These small fruits are really beautiful and delicate. They were wainting for me in a private nature reserve where pumas and jaguars still live.
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Lots and lots of mushrooms!
In Sierra Gorda, Queretaro, Mexico, scientists have recently discovered lots of new species of mushrooms. There are more than 150 species and many others still hiding in the forests waiting for you to discover them!
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Small treasures in the forest
Sierra Gorda always surprises you. Even if you have been there many times, there is always an incredible place to discover. You always want to go back, and back, and back...
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The power of waterfalls
How long could you stay in front of a small cascade just looking at it? I could spend hours doing that in Sierra Gorda, Mexico!
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Cozy house in the middle of a cornfield
Walking through the forests in Sierra Gorda, you can find places like this. Isn't it beautiful?
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Picturesque moments
Can you think of anything more picturesque than an ancient stone fence covered with moss? The one in the picture is getting close, but it needs a couple more decades for the moss to grow all over. What's behind the gate? See for yourself by coming to Sierra Gorda and discovering the many natural treasures that these mountains have to offer.
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Benito Juarez S/N, Centro, 76340 Jalpan de Serra, Qro., Mexico
Sun - Sat 6am - 7pm
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