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Get a true taste of the the Tropics   Cambodia

Get a true taste of the the Tropics

For those of us who live in the Tropics, the regular rains that arrive with the wet season is a big part of what life here is all about. The five months of dry weather seem all too short, and strange for their brevity, from the blissfully cool months of early December (or late November if we're lucky) through February, when we're rewarded with Spring conditions that remind us of 'home' to the blisteringly-hot months of March and April when we're punished for the pleasure we took. The 6-7 wet months (May is a mixed bag weather-wise) seem normal and the dramatic dry thunderstorms and sporadic downpours that come with the onset of the Wet are welcomed for the break from the sweltering heat.

Contrary to what most people think, the monsoonal months are anything but predictable. The weather patterns differ from month to month. June and September are the wettest months and there are lulls in between. Some months those late afternoon rains you read about do come like clockwork. Sometimes they catch you completely off guard, arriving in the evening after a glorious blue-sky day and continuing to pelt down throughout the night. At other times, they might wake you in the morning, then leave you to get on with your business. They're nearly always welcome, because they cool things off considerably and leave the landscape looking lovely and green. Until October-November, when we've finally had enough and find ourselves greeting each dry day as if it will be the last.