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Shotover Jet

Adrenalin Capital of the World
What a great effing day! Queenstown calls itself the Adrenalin Capital of the World, so everywhere you turn there are posters and kiosks celebrating the many exciting ways Kiwi’s have created to separate you from your money, ha, ha!
We chose the Shotover Jet Boat that screams at break neck speed down Shotover Canyon.
The jet boats can skim along in a few inches of water and the drivers have perfected the art of racing at break neck speeds a breath away from the canyon rock face.
It was simply spectacular, and an experience unlike anything we’ve ever done before as a family. Our kids were 13 and 9 years old at the time, so we were looking for an 'extreme adrenalin' experience that would work for a family.
Shotover jets do a 360-degree spin on the open water wherever possible, so we were flung back and forth up and down getting sprayed and soaked along the way. At the far end of the river the driver kills the motor and turns around and asks everyone how they’re doing. He throws a few fun facts out before sliding back in his seat and calling out, “well that was a good warm up, how about the real thing?”
Riel took him at his word and looked up at me with huge eyes, “if THAT was a warm up, how crazy is thing going to be!”
This adventure and many others published in, Four Homeless Millionaires, available everywhere.
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