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Sheridan Inn

856 Broadway Street
| +1 307-674-2178

Dance in the Shadow of Legends

One of my fondest memories of Wyoming is my first visit to the historic Sheridan Inn. As I walked across the wide porch and into the lobby of the old building, built in 1893 by architect Thomas R. Kimball, I felt as if I were stepping into a piece of living, breathing Americana – the Sheridan Inn is most often associated with Buffalo Bill Cody, who managed the hotel for a few years in the late 19th Century, and often auditions acts for his Wild West Show right out on the lawn.
I swore that I could hear old cowboys shouting over games of chance as I walked through the stately dining room, and caught the reflection of an elderly sarsaparilla-slinger in the great mirror behind the massive bar. Renovated and restored, the Sheridan Inn has one boot planted firmly in Old West history, and the other in modern luxury – I'll never forget the rattlesnake bites I dined on during that first dinner, or the grin I wore I as toured around, immersing myself in Wyoming lore.