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Sheki Khan's Palace

The Wolf Man of Azerbaijan
In Sheki, a small town in rural Azerbaijan, there lives a wolf man. He carries around an object underneath a Persian rug and then accosts tourists by quickly uncovering the object underneath the rug to reveal...a badly taxidermied wolf.

Which, as was the case with me recently, puts the tourist in a sort of a perplexed state, asking yourself questions like "What the f...?" and "Just how crazy is this man?"

In this photo he's feeding Ramo, his pet stuffed wolf, something. Or at least it looks like he is.

We had a brief conversation about his stuffed friend, I gave him some money, and then I went about seeing the town, and he went back to accosting tourists with his wolf.

Giləhli, Şəki, Azerbaijan
+994 51 618 59 73
Sun - Sat 10am - 6pm