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Shaper Supply Co

The Only Place In Southern California To Shape Your Own Surfboard
Shaping a surfboard with ones own hands is sure to be high on the bucket list of any surfer you know. That’s where Shaper Supply Co.’s “Shaping School” comes in, a four-hour introductory lesson on hand-shaping a surfboard (including stand-up paddleboards) from start to finish.

This is an experience unavailable anywhere else in Los Angeles County, or all of Southern California for that matter. Lessons are held in their state-of-the-art shaping bays, fully equipped with trade tools and strategic lighting elements that lead to professional results.

Those who have done it (myself included) will tell you there is nothing more rewarding than entering the water with a personally-built board. As seems to be the case for most first-timers, it won’t be long before they go on to shaping a second board. Luckily, the shop’s shaping bays are available for rent. Forget a step? Ask Florian for a quick refresher, he is more than happy to help.

1730 Pomona Ave #5, Costa Mesa, CA 92627, USA
+1 800-597-1291
Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm