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Shangri-La Toronto

Timeless Luxury in Toronto

The Shangri-La is one of the most prestigious properties in Toronto, and not just because of the nightly rates. What truly sets it apart from other luxury hotels is the impeccable welcome, spacious suites, and a heaven-like spa. Not to mention the absolutely delicious Bosk restaurant!

But what made my experience at the Shangri-La so memorable wasn't the size of my room or the complimentary macarons upon arrival (though my sweet tooth definitely appreciated this little extra). No, what made me fall in love with the Shangri-La was the live concert every night in the hotel lobby. Few things make me more happy than a jazzy, well-executed song, and needless to say I wasn't disappointed. A fancy cocktail in hand, I listened, really listened to the music and forgot all about my little problems and the work waiting to be done. For just a few minutes, it was me and the music.

And that, that is timeless luxury. Forget the in-room iPads or the television screen in the bathroom—that is so 21st-century! If you stay at the Shangri-La, the real deal here is the concert. Jump back in time and enjoy!

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about 7 years ago

Reggie's Rising

As a continuation of Zhang Yuan's "Rising" outside of the Shangri-La Toronto, you'll see, upon entrance to the lobby, many of the birds hanging from the ceiling.

Plus as a contrast to the immortal pieces, hung above a covered coy pond lives Reggie, the Shangri-La Toronto unofficial mascot.
about 7 years ago

Pools of Toronto

To put it simply, the Shangri-La Toronto, was voted one of the "World's Most Beautiful Pools." It was number 6 to be exact.