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Shanghai in Photos

Late night in Shanghai
This picture can't describe the feeling I had when I was in Shanghai, cruising on Hunangpu river, at night... You know, it was one of those moments when you feel happy and complete... You know that it won't last forever and you just enjoy...

Shanghai Traffic: Which way to turn?
I spent several years living in Hong Kong and have traveled all around China- to this day I am mildly shocked I never experienced a car accident on these roads! Then again, I was never the one driving...I found this particular intersection to be quite amusing.

Old City, New City- Shanghai
Shanghai has an interesting array of backdrops where the old city sits propped up against the new towering apartment buildings and sky scrapers, it is quite a study to see the old buildings hold their shape as the rest of the city is constantly building and changing around them.

Riding the Sidecar with Shanghai Insiders
The most fun ever! Rode the sidecar with Thomas, owner of Shanghai Insiders. (shanghaiinsiders.com) We had three tours and they all took us to places we NEVER would have found on our own. Drove down narrow alleys to find old mansions filled with shops and restaurants. Explored old neighborhoods and new ones. We learned SO MUCH about the city, the customs, the history and traditions. Absolutely the best way to see Shanghai!

River Cruise along Huangpu River
If you have some extra cash and time to spare, I highly recommend taking a cruise along the Huangpu River. They're often short (about an hour or so) on a small and well-lit cruise boat, but it provides the best views of both the Bund and of Pudong without the hassle of having to excuse other tourists when wanting to take photos.

Tip: You embark from Pudong, not the Bund.

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