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Shakespeare & Sons

Travel Rule: Always Wander Into the Bookstore
In what I consider one of those 'vacation' moments, I stumbled into Shakespeare & Sons bookstore, not far from the Lennon Wall or the peeing statues outside the Kafka Museum. I made my way downstairs to the philosophy and social sciences sections and out of sheer curiosity and despite no particular persuasion, belief or non, I picked up a book called "Religion for Atheists," which was a very interesting take on the best of what religion offers and how non-believers can apply it. There were excerpts on worshipping the stars as idols, how restaurants can arrange their seating to create a better sense of community, and how museums should organize their works based on feelings and emotions rather than schools and periods. I bought the book.

Atheism came up in conversation on a first date last year, and my little snippet about "Religion for Atheists" sparked an interesting conversation with the woman I now call my girlfriend several months later.

This is what travel can do!
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