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Sfoglina Rina

Sfoglia Rina: a foodie spot in Bologna
Sfoglina Rina is perfect for a quiet espresso, a good piece of handmade cake or a fast lunch. Any buon palato will absolutely love this place because everything at Sfoglina Rina is homemade. The only problem at Sfoglina Rina is choosing exactly what to choose among the huge selection of tempting and delicious meals or colorful brunch.

This spot in Bologna is a new concept store, between a bottega (a tradition shop, almost disappeared nowadays) and caffè. You can eat fresh pasta there or take it away. The size of this concept store adds to the charm and serene atmosphere. It doesn’t have a massive capacity, its simple menu is affordable and seasonable. Sfoglina Rina is perfect for foodies, anyone who has study or work to get done while enjoying a great coffee or tagliatelle for lunch.
Via Castiglione, 5, 40124 Bologna BO, Italy