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34200 Sète, France

The Venice of France

Sète is known as the Venice of France. Just like in Italy, there are canals and waterways that are maneuverable by boat and filled with industry, shops, and residents. A pedestrian-friendly city where we parked our car and were easily able to walk around and explore for two days. The architecture is historic and much of the entertainment takes place on the streets and in the parks.

It just so happened that we arrived in Sète on August 25 for the Feast of Saint Louis IX, patron saint to the port town. We were greeted with a huge festival, lots of music, crowds, fireworks and a canal jousting competition. No joke, there were two teams on boats, jousting!

Along our road trip of the southern coast of France, this marina town was a definitely place to see. Everyone was extremely friendly, festive and the food is very much what you would expect from a coastal town...healthy with lots of fish.