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Segesta Theater

Greek Theater at Segesta
The Greek theater at Segesta may not be as large as the theater in Taormina, but it certainly doesn't disappoint in terms of wow factor. It also doesn't have the ridiculously crowded and touristy atmosphere of Taormina, with busloads of fanny-packed tourists stepping over/on everybody at all hours of the day. Not far from a spectacularly preserved Doric temple (a bus ride up the hill,) the Greek theater at Segesta conjured imaginative memories of long-winded actors hamming it up for ancient audiences, and I couldn't help but wonder what is must have been like so many years ago, on this mountain top, listening to a live dramatic performance.
Contrada Barbaro, 91013 Calatafimi TP, Italy
+39 0924 952356
Sun - Sat 9am - 6:30pm