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Seal Island Bridge

3560 Big Harbour Rd, New Harris, NS B1X 1T1, Canada
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Underneath the Seal Island Bridge New Harris  Canada

Underneath the Seal Island Bridge

The Trans Canada Highway can be boring ; straight stretches with trees, road and other vehicles to look at. There's a part of this highway that is different from the rest and has scenic views, a mighty mountain with look-offs and a spectacular bridge.This bridge, The Seal Island Bridge, is the largest bridge on Cape Breton Island. It sways and the 90 km/per hour speed limit on the two-lane, narrow bridge makes for some hairy moments on windy days especially when you're driving toward an 18-wheeler. The bridge is the most photogenic I have seen and it can be viewed from up close or from a look-off on top of Kelly’s Mountain. What most people don’t know is you can walk under it and see what it’s like to be underneath it as vehicles pass overhead. One day, while driving along that stretch of highway, I pulled over on the gravel driveway near the bridge. I followed that gravel road to see where it lead and ended up right beside the bridge and a path that climbed up and underneath it. Of course, being the curious and adventurous person that I am, I climbed up even though I didn’t know if I was breaking the law or not. I got right up underneath the bridge, into the belly of it. It was noisy, I’ll say that! But it was interesting to be so close to the actual road as traffic flowed above as usual, oblivious to my presence just beneath the pavement. The view was amazing, the noise was deafening and the experience was certainly unique and one I am glad I decided to pursue.