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above the tree-line in the Swiss Alps: a hiker's dream
Hiking down the Schilthorn may be hard on your toes, but it's a high-altitude feast for the rest of your senses...From the Lauterbrunnen valley south of Interlaken, you can take a cable-car up to the summit and then hike down to Mürren, across from the Jungfrau massif. A big block of chocolate (Swiss, of course) makes for a great hiking companion on a summer day in the Alps...

It's hard not to sound like tourist-brochure-jargon when describing this area--it truly is one of the most beautiful places on the planet...

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Down, Down the Schilthorn
Taking a break while hiking down the steep steep trail from the Schilthorn to the Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland...

The soundtrack to this summer day: The tinkling of distant cowbells below. Above tree-line, the only way I could think of to convey the verticality of the terrain to friends and family back home was to take a snapshot looking down 'through my feet' to the villages and meadows beneath me; this valley is one of the most beautiful spots on Earth.
Down, Down the Schilthorn Lauterbrunnen  Switzerland

hiking in the Alps--disposable camera, permanent panorama
Many have heard, by now, that "the best camera is the one that's with you." Hiking in the Alps as a college student, armed with one of those disposable panorama cardboard-contraptions, I kept wishing for a better camera. Then I reminded myself--just enjoy the moment: facing the vastness of the Jungfrau Massif across the Lauterbrunnen Valley while descending the Schilthorn on a mid-summer day...

From left to right, the peaks are the "Eiger" (3970m/13025 ft), "Mönch" (4099m/13448 ft) and "Jungfrau" (4158 m/13642 ft)

hiking in the Alps--disposable camera, permanent panorama Lauterbrunnen  Switzerland

Finding Ole's little "slice of paradise"
All the restaurants in Gimmelwald were closed. We were too early for lunch so my husband and I stopped by and picked up some snacks (Goldfish crackers, an apple and toasted almonds) from local shop owner Ole. We told Ole that we were hiking to the top of the Schilthorn and he gave us a tip: Hike past the Rotstock Hutte, over a hill and you will come across a lake. It is a "little slice of paradise," he said. So my husband and I had our mission, should we accept it. After five hours or so of hiking we found ourselves at the hut. They were all booked up for dinner and lodging, but offered to let us put our tent up in the barn. Instead, we grabbed a Toblerone and forged on to paradise. Dusk started to set in through the Swiss Alps and we began to think this lake was just a myth. Suddenly, we came over one more knoll and there it was. We put our sad little two-person tent up and watched a lonely goat teeter on the edge of a hillside across the valley. That night we lived off of Goldfish and almonds, but we had found our lake. That's all that mattered. In the morning we pressed on to the top of the Schilthorn and rewarded ourselves with a couple beers and a heaping plate of pasta goodness.
Finding Ole's little "slice of paradise" Lauterbrunnen  Switzerland

Schilthorn, Lauterbrunnen
It was initially a not so planned trip, until we realised it is such a shame not to go to Switzerland while we were in Annecy and Megeve, which is just a few hours drive. The experience all along was achingly splendid to recall. We stayed a few short nights in the town of Interlaken filled with lurking tourists despite the slowly dropping temperature . Everything was new for me, the language, the architecture, people and their style, food, even the consuming moment of converting Euros to Franc. The changes were quite a bit of a jolt to me. It was my first time crossing border by land,

With this very short Swiss trip that we had, Schilthorn went on the top of my fav list. The views are simply nothing short of spectacular. We were quite disappointed that we didn’t get to have a mountain full of snow and fog, as we are rooting for a magical photo with this backdrop. However, we were happy to have the sun shining brightly on our faces as we enjoy our picnic lunch in the snow. It is just roughly 2 hours drive from Zurich, 1 hour from Bern, and 30 minutes from Interlaken, so you’ll never forgive yourself if you miss it when you visit Switzerland! : )
Schilthorn, Lauterbrunnen Lauterbrunnen  Switzerland