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Experience a Vibrant Samba Party at Pedra do Sal, Monday Nights in Rio
Every Monday night starting at 7pm and lasting until about midnight, the hills of Pedra do Sal are alive with the sounds of Samba. Expect to feel a bit unsure of where you’re going on the cab ride out to Pedra do Sal- surrounding it in the Saúde neighborhood of Centro near Praça Mauá and the port are hoards of abandoned buildings and what may not seem like the safest place to be.

Once you arrive, the street is pulsating with vibrant energy and life, and you will walk into a massive street party with music playing, people clapping and dancing to the rhythms and friends catching up over Chopps, Skols and caipirinhas.

The walls of Pedra do Sal are graffiti-ed with art, love is in the air and this place pumps with its own heartbeat. Join in on the dancing or climb the rock hill that borders Pedra do Sal for a fantastic view of the action.

**Note: I was with 3 girls, one of which is a local, and felt very safe. I would recommend going with a group to be cautious and as always, in Rio or anywhere in the world, to keep your wits about you and remember where you are.**