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Santorini, Greece

Volcano Tour in Santorini
A popular excursion in Santorini is a visit to the famous volcano - its massive explosion 3,600 years ago created the unique crescent shape of today's island.

Take a 30-45 minute ride on a sailing boat or schooner through the caldera. Then hike with your guide to the rim of the volcano crater (don't forget your sunscreen), jump off the boat to swim in the naturally heated waters of Palea Kameni beach, stop on the small island of Thirassia for a grilled seafood lunch, then sail back home. Fun for all ages.

Sunset over Santorini
Wander the small streets and back alleyways of the beautiful Greek Island of Santorini. Dine at a cafe overlooking the water and watch the sun cast vibrant colors over the white buildings as it sets.

Thera 847 00, Greece