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Santa Monica Farmers

Favorites and New Flavors at LA's Farmers Markets
Centrally located amid microclimates of mountains, deserts, and everything in between,Los Angeles County—which was the largest agricultural producer in the country from 1910 - 1955—has a history of supporting its farmers. “The Original Farmers Market,” a now permanent open-air covered structure of vendors, restaurants, and specialty shops, was established in 1934 with a dozen farmers showing up to sell out of their trucks on the corner of 3rd and Fairfax. While this landmark launched the farmers market concept, the real magic happens at the mobile farmers markets that rotate neighborhoods depending on the day of the week. On Wednesday mornings, you’ll compete with chefs from the best restaurants at the Santa Monica farmers market, the largest in the city with 75 vendors selling a variety of popular and unheard of produce, meat, grains, nuts, and more. Other popular markets where you’ll find local favorites (like the tasty Dave’s Asian kimchi) include Silver Lake on Tuesdays and Saturdays, Culver City on Thursdays, Venice on Fridays, and Hollywood on Sundays. Prepare your tastebuds for some serious sampling any day of the week!

Holy Guaca-Moly
As a California native I have grown up going to the Santa Monica Farmers Market and so I decided to go back and speak with a few of the people that give this market its true flavor. Walking down the main stretch, I passed award winning goat cheese, fresh artisan breads, organic oranges, and even walnut grilled corn but it was the yellow tent of Holy Guaca-Moly that caught my eye. As I approached, a plump serving of guacamole was handed to me on a bit sized tortilla chip. My taste buds quickly realized why this guacamole has been voted #1 in California for over 8 years. Every Wednesday for the past 18 years, George Bamber drives two hours each way to set up his shop of Holy Guaca-Moly. George didn’t start out as an Avocado farmer. It began with a few trees in his backyard and the need to pay for his bypass surgery in 1986. Out of compassion, the market manager, Laura Avery granted George a temporary spot at the Santa Monica Market. He’s been there ever since and now pushes 500-600 pounds of avocados in one day. By his side are three talented individuals that come every week to give Holy Guaca-Moly its sense old-fashioned generosity and personal charm. The team includes the daughter of the women who first taught George how to make guacamole and two dedicated homeless people with a united passion for enriching their community. Say hi to George and his team, every Wednesday from 8:30-1:30.

Enjoying Samples at the Santa Monica Farmers Market
This renowned farmers market is as good for people watching as it is for produce shopping.

2640 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405, USA
+1 310-458-8712
Sun 8:30am - 1:30pm