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Santa Cruz

The Most Beautiful Lake in the World
Aldous Huxley said this about Lake Atitlan when he visited and I agree. This is the lake that I am looking at right now from my living room window. I swear the bewitching beauty sparks new cells in your eyeballs. It melts your heart to look at this lake every day. Swimming, taxi-boating, and walking along the lake hearing the birds in the morning are my favorite things to do. When I jump in the lake in the early mornings and look back over my shoulder I am thrilled at the lush green mountains after all the rain and of course the volcanoes rising out of the horizon with clouds floating over them. They look so close that I can almost touch them with my fingertips. I'm renting a house here for 3 months and am happily teaching photography, writing my next book and hearing the lake lap against the shore all night long.