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Sanssouci Palace

Sans Souci: Without Cares on a Rainy Day in Potsdam
I was staying in Berlin for a few days, and the weather had turned unseasonably cold. Even though it was raining, I decided to take a break from the city and went to Sanssouci. I had been sick for a few days, but despite my worries, Sanssouci was so beautiful that it made me feel, quite simply, without cares—which is the literal translation of Sans Souci, the former home of King Frederick the Great of Prussia.

Historic Mill of Sanssouci
Among Frederick the Great's Potsdam palaces sits the historic windmill of Sanssouci. Since the first mill was constructed on the site in 1738, there have been three in its place (the current one being a reconstruction after its destruction in WWII).

The first mill on this site was built on a rotating platform so that it could be moved to catch the wind. Today you can visit the interior of the windmill, where a contemporary art gallery and a small history of windmills can be found. Climbing to the top, you can also catch a good view of Sanssouci Park.

Prussian Summer Palaces in Potsdam
Sanssouci Park in Potsdam contains thousands of gardens and trees among the summer palaces and greenhouses on the park grounds. Perfect for history buffs and nature aficionados, Sanssouci Park is a great place for a summertime stroll. The intricately designed gardens were created in the 18th century.

Inside the park, you'll find the famous Sanssouci Palace and New Palace, built under Frederick the Great.

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