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Sanibel Lighthouse

112 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel, FL 33957, USA
| +1 239-472-3700

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Mon - Fri 8am - 4pm

Sanibel Lighthouse

Florida’s many lighthouses are a storied bunch, especially the rather different one on the east end of Sanibel Island, which was built back in 1884 before the area was even settled. Constructed to withstand hurricanes, the lighthouse hardly resembles the scenic variety you’re used to seeing in New England and elsewhere. You can’t climb up to the tower, but you’ll get some good photographs from the beach below—be sure to look for the pair of ospreys that likes to hang out on the metal railing. Note: parking spots here fill up fast, as people visit not just to ogle the lighthouse but also to fish and shell on the broad point.

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Sanibel Lighthouse

Florida's coastline is lined with lighthouses, each with its own story. On the east end of Sanibel Island is a lighthouse that dates back to 1884, before the island was permanently settled. With an iron skeleton design built to withstand hurricanes, the Sanibel Lighthouse doesn't resemble the white cylinders you may have seen along the New England coastline. This one has the distinction, however, of being the first real lighthouse built on Florida's Gulf Coast north of Key West.

The Sanibel Lighthouse was originally erected to help guide ships transporting cattle from nearby ranches to Cuba. It is still active today and while there's no access inside for the public, you can head down to the beach below to take photographs of the unique structure. And peel your eyes for a pair of osprey that like to hang out on the metal railing up high.