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San Francisco Embarcadero

Serenity & the Bridge
A ramble along the Embarcadero provides time to admire the powder blue sky of a damp San Francisco morning. Warm coffee and friends await inside the Ferry Building. But don't walk too fast; you've got time.

Rocket Station on San Francisco's Embarcadero
The Earth local of the Ray-gun Gothic Rocket is on schedule, which is more than can be said for the Municipal Railway that has no discernible schedule at all. In a city which's cable cars take you halfway to the stars, the Ray-gun Gothic Rocket streams your imagination on full bore Flash Gordon, Buck Rodgers, trip to the Valleys of the Moon and the Rings of Saturn. Watch out for the minions of Ming the Merciless.

The Long Pier
Between piers 3 and 5 on San Francisco's Embarcadero is the long walking pier - The furthest east into the bay one can walk without getting his or her feet wet. Catch a fish or the panorama of the eastern span of the Bay Bridge.

San Francisco To Oakland
I had a day off on a Friday. I recently relocated from Seattle to Oakland and decided to walk along Market Street in downtown San Francisco on this beautiful day. At the Ferry Building, I had heard about a "salty pig parts sandwich shop" and ate my lunch there.

I was about to walk to the Embarcadero BART (subway station) when I realized I was at the Ferry Terminal, and why not take a more scenic, above water route?

I was pleasantly surprised to learn my Pre-paid Clipper transit card would be accepted on the ferry, so there was no need to purchase a ticket (though you could add more to your card, or buy a ticket at a desk near the front door.)

The ride was beautiful and you can sit at the top of the ferry, taking in the sun and the breeze. Booze is served on board as well (I didnt purchase any, but a starry-eyed, twenty-something couple did.) You can see all of SF and arrive at Jack London Sq in Oakland. A free shuttle will take you up Broadway. Do it!

Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA, USA