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San Blas

Unique Shower When Sailing Through the San Blas Islands, Panama
After sailing on a 40 foot trimaran (think camping deluxe at best), where we were 5 days into a 13 day adventure on the sea, rationing drinking water from a cooler, I was ready for a shower. The captain knew a family of Kuna Indians who lived alone on one of the pristine San Blas Islands. The Kuna family was willing to swap some alcoholic drinks and company of foreign travelers for dinner on the beach with them (coconut rice and lobster!). One of the family members offered us a fresh water shower. Then, he proceeded to take us to the center of the tiny island where he proudly pointed out the "shower" -- a 2 foot hole in the ground, a bucket to sink into the hole in order to fill with water that filtered from the sea through the island dirt, to become a fresh water "shower". Happily, I took a measuring cup to dip into the bucket of water, lathered up with my shampoo, and reveled in a fresh water shower that I wouldn't see for another 8 more days.