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Safari Among the Animals
For ten days, traveling across the Samburu and Masai Mara regions of Kenya, our tribe of nine women melded into a herd of forty elephants while they played, ate, scratched and trumpeted; became one with a pride of 12 lion during a light rain shower; migrated with thousands of wildebeest and zebra on their instinctual drive to green grass; caressed dik-dik, giraffe, and elephants; and rode camels as if we belonged to the Toureg tribe on a desert trek. See full story and itinerary at AfricaInside.org
Elephant Stampede, Samburu National Game Reserve, Kenya
We were leisurely returning to Elephant Camp on our second day of safari and suddenly we hear the trumpeting of elephants. No sooner did the sound register when around a small hill ahead of our safari vehicle came a thundering herd of elephants of all sizes, kicking up dust, running directly toward us. As we stopped in the middle of the road, this mass of majestic mammals passed at ground shaking speeds on both sides of us with ears flapping and trunks raised. An extraordinary experience to witness!
Elephant Stampede, Samburu National Game Reserve, Kenya Kwale  Kenya

Samburu, Kenya