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An Artisanal Salt Produced Using Geothermal Energy
Saltverk is an artisanal salt created using nothing but geothermal steam which makes it a 100% sustainable product. The owner, a former engineer, stumbled upon a description of a Danish salt company from centuries ago who were making salt in the exact same way. The company and its concept were forgotten decades ago when the Danish who used to control Iceland, abandoned their outpost in this remote region of Iceland.

A few years ago, through the pioneering efforts of Saltverk's founder, an artisanal salt company was born once more.

Today, the winter white flakey finishing salt is sold throughout Iceland and is one of the innovative products Icelanders proudly boast as their own.

If you find yourself in the Westfjords, don't miss a visit to Saltverk on the edge of the ocean. The salt makers will proudly give you a tour and tell you the story of their salt and its ancient history.

Today Saltverk is available in a wide variety of flavors including birch smoked and Arctic thyme.
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Djúpvegur, Iceland
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