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Salt Cave Sylt

Alte Dorfstraße 24b, 25980 Sylt, Germany
| +49 4651 4460500
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Taking in the Vitality of the North Sea...Underground Sylt  Germany

Taking in the Vitality of the North Sea...Underground

Of course there're the skeptics who will ask:

"What's a salt cave doing in this healthful Saline-enhanced North Sea climate?"

Often situations may hamper or inhibit a beach scamper: hence the atmosphere of the beach can be provided directly to you.

A visit in the salt grotto can bolster/support natural immunity response and provide essential trace minerals and electro-magnetic support to enhance well-being.

The salt cave conditions mimic North Sea airflow and are ideal to achieve this healing effect: precise humidity, temperature & circulated air deliver minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium, selenium, potassium and iodine -- liberated from the particularized salt & taken into the body with each breath.

The air reaches the range of about 30% salinity and also contributes to an ionized atmosphere particulate. Those with asthmatic conditions or pollen allergies will discover both symptom relief and a measure of treatment response. By inhaling the salty air, the airways in the lungs are moistened and the walls of the respiratory system positively influenced. The fine salt crystals help decongest the mucus membranes and clear the conditions that support bacteria, which also opens up airways.

Immersion in this environment is also good for chronic sinus infections, sleep disorders and infections due to lower immune defense as the climate assists with strengthening the body and relaxing the mind.