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Sala Kaew Ku Sculpture Park

Sala Kaew Ku Sculpture Park
Forget the Budha Park in Laos this is where you want to go. Im loathed to go into too much detail about this place. If your interested in seeing over 100 giant and I really mean giant concrete Hindu, Budhist and fantasy sculptures this is the place for you. if you think you might like it i guarantee you will. This place is bizzare, magical and fascinating. Luang Pu fell into a hole while he was out walking and met a hermit who taught him about the mysteries of the underworld. The park was built in his spiritual leaders honor and 20 years later in 1996 Luang Pu sadly passed away before its completion. His legend lives and devotees are working on restoring the park to its former glory and have finalized all the plans that were left.
Luang Pu's body can also be seen mummified in one of the main buildings under a glass hemisphere. I suggest cycling here from Nong Khai. Bikes are easily rented all around the city for around 12$ a day.

Hat Kham, Mueang Nong Khai District, Nong Khai, Thailand