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Ruins of Saint Paul's Cathedral

Street Art and Street Exercise
While wandering through the historic Portuguese part of town, I stumbled upon a little park that was seemingly the designated street art area of Macau. Bright colors dominated the walls--contrasting incredibly with the dull and rainy sky.

As in a few other Asian cities I've been to (Bangkok and Beijing in particular,) the community established a makeshift, outdoor gym with a few aerobics machines.

This girl was certainly not working too hard, definitely more occupied with texting than getting a good sweat on. But I must say, I respected her for exercising during her lunch break!
Breathe in, Breathe out
In Macau, off a side street not too far away from the majestic Ruins of Saint Paul's Cathedral, I wandered into an "art park" filled to the brim with incredible street art.

I particularly enjoyed this image.
Breathe in, Breathe out Macau  Macau

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