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Royal Camel Farm

Feeding camels in the Kingdom of Bahrain
The Royal Camel Farm on Janabiya Highway is not officially advertised as a tourist spot but it is actually open to the public every day until sunset. Best of all, in expensive Bahrain - it's free! The workers seem a little bored and are usually more than happy to show off the hundreds of camels (owned by the royal family). Ask if you can feed the doe-eyed beasts, but please don't force a camel to eat. I was offered the chance to sit on a camel, but some people say this not usually allowed, so who knows? The only thing that may bother some people is the sight of the poor male camels, hobbled with a short rope tying their two front legs together... Don't forget to tip the workers/guides; they earn diddly-squat. Also: go late in the day since it gets unbearably hot after about 11 a.m.