The Cobblestones of Rovinj
The cobblestones that make up the alleys of old Rovinj are no ordinary cobblestones, more like purposefully crafted marble sculptures each one of them.

It's almost as if the rain and the 300 year old footsteps of the fishermen traipsing home after days at sea conspired to make them as lovely as possible.

In fact, so steep are the streets of the old town and so smooth are the tops of these stones, it's often rather difficult to make it up, definitely nothing at all to do with the wine you had at dinner. Nope. Not at all.

But as you make your way back to your room after your waterside meal of mussels, seasoned potatoes and enough olive oil to drown a horse you can't help but think these may be the most attractive cobblestones in all of Europe.
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Rovinj, Croatia