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The Best Traditional Trattorias
Romans are all about tradition. Gnocchi on Thursdays and fish on Fridays are old fashioned rules that are still followed at many of the most traditional trattorias in town. Look for a family run place usually with checkered tables clothes and just few local specialties scrawled on a blackboard and you probably have a winner.

Roman menu classics are artichokes, (carcofi alla Romana) braised in olive oil and local mint, pasta amatriciana and cacio e pepe and tiny lamb chops meant to be be eaten with your fingers and known as scottaditto, which translates to burnt fingers!

Our picks for the some of the best traditional fare in Rome are Taverna dei Fori Imperiale, near the Colosseum, Da Enzo in Trastevere and one of Rome’s oldest restaurants, La Campana in the historic center.
Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy