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Rocas Gordon

Scuba Diving with Hammerhead Sharks

We dove Gordon Rocks in gloomy green water with 10-15ft visibility. About 15 minutes into the dive we rounded a rocky outthrust and saw 2 giant sea turtles swimming through an enormous school of barracuda. The barracuda literally blacked out the water there were so many of them. We swam up to the turtles and a hammerhead shark followed and circled us. Then another. And another, until we were hovering in a giant school of sharks.

They were high above us, gliding under our feet, sliding close enough that I could literally lean over and touch them. I’ve never seen sharks so close. I could see their silver tan hides and the wrinkles around their eyes. We saw at least 30 sharks, some over 10ft long and smaller ones closer to 2ft. It was mind blowing.

A minute (5 minutes??) later the sharks parted and in floated a golden spotted eagle ray, sailing through the water like an alien angel. 5 seconds later, everything vanished. It was the sickest 10 minutes I’ve ever experienced underwater.

We talked about sharks for the entire hour we spent on the surface. We went down again, saw a few more sharks and then came back up and talked about sharks all the way back to the mainland.

And now I’m writing about sharks.

I’ll probably dream about sharks.