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Roaming street food vendor

Grilled sausages on skewers
The locals love their sausages sweet. The famous Siem Reap sausage that you see hanging in the market is a very sweet Chinese sausage. The small round barbecued sausages above aren't that sweet, however, they come pretty close, making it difficult to eat more than a couple of sticks. Usually sold with a pickled salad, the tanginess and crunchiness of the salad balances out the sweetness and fattiness of the sausage. The skewers sell for around R4000 ($1) a stick and are generally sold as four sticks. A tip: if you're not a fan of too much fat, look for the darker sausages, which have more meat. They're great washed down with a cold Cambodia draught beer. Look for vendors roaming the backstreets in the late afternoon or early evening, especially where the tuk tuk drivers hang out.