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Singing Frog Symphony
Do you hear those little critters making all that noise on your first night in Puerto Rico? Hard to believe it all comes from this tiny little frog.

Many folks mistake it for birds, but it's in fact this little brown tree frog that lights up the night with a beautiful, melodic chirping that is now responsible for lulling me to sleep.

In fact, when I leave the island for a period of time, I find it difficult to fall asleep without this frog's music.

It's difficult to find them at night, but during the day you can find them hiding under leaves, in the crevices of plants or items hanging up outside, like hammocks.
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Watch a Sunset from Your Beach Towel
Sunsets on Puerto Rico are magical. Settle back on your beach towel, sip a piña colada or a cold beer, and get lost in the spectacle of colors as the daylight fades away. Rincón lives up to its reputation as the “Town of the Beautiful Sunsets,” where any of the beaches will offer views resplendent with hues of gold, orange, and purple. If you don't want to sit directly on the beach, there are many nearby bars from which to watch the show. During sunsets at the Balneario de Boquerón in southwestern Cabo Rojo, the streets of the village are filled with people eating fresh seafood, drinking, and playing lively music.

Watch a Sunset from Your Beach Towel Aguada  Puerto Rico

Dine Casually by the Water
Many beaches have restaurants serving the best of island comfort food. In Cabo Rojo, scarf down sorrullitos (corn sticks), empanadillas (turnovers filled with seafood), or rice, beans, and fish at Ann’s Place on El Combate. Crashboat in Aguadillla has stands selling bacalaítos and pinchos (skewers with grilled meat, bread, and barbecue sauce). If it's liquid sustenance you are after, Tamboo Tavern—a few steps from Sandy Beach in Rincón—attracts its loyal clientele with mojitos that you can sip on the deck or while strolling down the beach. You can also come for the live merengue and salsa.

Dine Casually by the Water Aguada  Puerto Rico

Rincon, Rincón, Puerto Rico