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Riad Rcif

Mini Tagines, Max Fun
Probably one of my favorite souvenirs from Morocco are the mini tagines I bought from a friend's shop and a pottery factory we visited in Fes, where these mini tagines were also available in what I've been told are the city's emblematic blue and white. Easy to stuff in a suitcase (wrapped for safety in a scarf you bought, perhaps?), the mini tagines are a happy reminder of the many tagine meals you'll undoubtedly devour but are more likely to make it home safely and without taking up half of your suitcase. And they're as functional as they are cute (isn't everything cuter in mini-form?) as you can use them to hold sugar cubes or spices in your kitchen or maybe even knick-knacks and paperclips on your desk at work!

Pottery in Progress: Painting
One of the great things about Fez is the opportunity to learn how many of the handicrafts you see are created. During a tour of the city, we saw pottery and tile pieces in progress, from the creation of small tiles, later a mosaic design, to a tagine, whipped up in seconds by memory on the pottery wheel. Here, freshly-painted pottery waits to be fired in the kiln while their artist continues on in the background. No pattern, just memory and skill.

Fes, Morocco
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