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Delightfully Ancient Rhodes
Rhodes is a delightfully ancient little town to visit. With the moat around the entire village, the drawbridge entrances, and the medieval streets, it really feels like stepping back in time. Simply wandering around aimlessly with a camera in hand is an entirely enjoyable experience.
Don't get lost in the moat!
If you visit Rhodes, a word of warning: If you find yourself in the moat and decide to see how far it goes, you can expect to devote 1-2 hours and a great deal of energy to the task. If you are able-bodied and it is not too hot out, it can be an enjoyable walk (or bike ride or jog, as it seems to have enjoyed new life as a local exercise trail as well).
Don't get lost in the moat!   Greece

Animal-watching in Rhodes
People-watching is a fun activity for many travelers. But what about the animal-watching? This bird was just enjoying a drink of cool water, sitting on a fountain in the middle of a busy square in Rhodes.
Animal-watching in Rhodes   Greece

Rhodes, Greece