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The Northern Lights and Rainbows
The Northern Lights have always been on my bucket list and during a six-day solo adventure in late October, I was lucky enough to see them and much more. On my first night in Reykjavik, the weather was pretty erratic--it was very cloudy and rainy--and I wasn't sure if my photo tour with Arctic Shots was going to happen. I was so happy that my guide said let's just go for it. We drove outside the city and went to a couple spots, but they didn't want to come out. Finally, we found the Northern Lights. I couldn't actually see the lights, just these forms moving about in the sky, but they appeared on my camera in bright green splashes and swirls under the right settings. It was so unreal, I could have stood outside in the bitter cold for hours taking photos. (Tip: Dress warmly and bring a good tripod, it can get really windy.)

At one point, I saw a really dark arc in the sky and asked "Is that a rainbow?" Apparently it's a super rare thing and now my guide is going to call me "rainbow girl."