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Reykjavik's vibrant design scene
The Icelandic capital is quirky in the most adoring way. Its cozy cafes are inviting, stop by Sandholt Bakery (Laugavegur 36) first thing when you get here for coffee and pastries while waiting for your hotel room to be ready. Local designers are mixing Icelandic craftsmanship and modernity to come up with a new unique concept. Stop by Farmers Market (Hólmaslóð 2) a clothing brand recently opened in Fishpacking district (old harbor area) for their luxurious sweaters. Find your way into Skúmaskot (Laugavegur 23) and chat with the artists/designers about their creations, listen to their passion for the Icelandic landscape and how it has influenced their work. With the many restaurant choices awaiting you, Forrettabarinn (Nýlendugata 14 ) is funky and relaxing in any season (and it’s always nice to stroll near the water).