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Revive Your Sense of Adventure in Iceland
In 2010 the world was reminded of the volcanic nature of Iceland when Eyjafjallajökull erupted and its ash cloud led to flights being cancelled across Europe. When the dust settled, travelers flocked to see the mountain that had stopped the global pulse of travel. What they found was a destination that, instead of stopping your pulse, will get your heart beating as you take in the majesty of this landscape of fire and ice. From its many hot springs to lively Reykjavík and the Viking-haunted valleys and thunderous waterfalls, Iceland can feel like an unforgettable landscape out of time. No wonder that both classic authors like Jules Verne (Journey to the Center of the Earth) and filmmakers like Ridley Scott (Prometheus) have seen Iceland, halfway between North America and Europe, as a stunning, unique other world.

You may feel awed by nature as you whitewater raft down glacier-sourced rapids and past lichen-covered landscapes where where locals say the Icelandic version of elves, called "the hidden folk," live amid the rocks. After you've explored this majestic landscape, you’ll feel young again when you kick back in one of Reykjavík's restaurants with a homemade glass of Brennivín, the local liqueur whose name means "burning wine" (for reasons that will soon become obvious). Then go outside for a glimpse of the Northern Lights that often flicker through the pollution-free skies. Under the dazzling skies of this land between two continents, you’ll feel alive again.
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