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Enjoying a Dinner of Svið
Svið is a traditional Icelandic meal. Boiled sheep's head. Unfortunately, many of the traditional foods have gone by the wayside as tourists flood into Iceland, bringing their own cultural tastes. Ironically, the only place in which I was able to taste this odd dish was in a bus station cafeteria in Reykjavík. While not enjoyable in the least bit, the fact that I was eating meat off of a sheep's head was rather fascinating to me, and I could not resist trying to play with it. The most difficult part was stomaching the eyeball, especially as it slid across my tongue and down my throat. While an utterly disgusting thought, I took pride in the fact that I did it. I ate the sheep's head, and there were no traces of meat left on the skull. I'm glad that I could cross that off my list, and even more glad that I never would have to do that again!