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Snowfall in the Morning
On our last morning in amazing Iceland, my husband and I awoke in Reykjavik to a coat of fresh snowfall blanketing the city. I had already fallen in love with Reykjavik when it wasn't covered in snow. I loved the quirky sense of humor in its artwork and architecture, its seeming obsession with hot dogs and dairy products, its cute boutiques and world-class restaurants. But when I woke on this morning and saw Reykjavik under a blanket of fresh, white snow, my love affair with the city moved to a whole new level.

We were the only people out walking on this morning as it was still early by Icelandic standards, around 9:30 or so with the sun just rising and hidden behind the moody storm clouds. My husband and I walked the streets for about an hour virtually without seeing another soul, enjoying the peace and quiet of this winter wonderland.

My husband and I lived in Manhattan for years, and this morning in Reykjavik reminded us both of those rare occasions when it would snow in New York City and we would go out after the storm and have the normally teeming city streets all to ourselves, a rare serenity in a city of millions.

If you're considering a trip to Iceland in the winter but are wary of what the weather might be like, go! The average winter temperatures in Iceland are not much different than those in New York City, and the amazing perspective winter's ice and snowfall adds is well worth the chill.
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Reykjavík, Iceland