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The best starter
This has to be the best hot salad I have ever had, anywhere.
That day we had only breakfast and the rest of the day we had champagne only so by the time we got to dinner we were starving.
We got to the La Comedia restaurant and immediately decided that I will try a hot salad. It looked really yummy with thick pieces of bacon, potatoes, lettuce and cherry tomatoes and a slice of foie gras on top.
It was incredible, not exaggerating at all. What a great combination of flavors and what a great idea to add foie gras in the mix. Put on the toasted bread and mixed with the rest it's simply to die for.
It was a starter I will not forget.

Too good to not share
The pasta with seafood at Le Comedia, in Vertus, is something I have to share with the world. You can have it in the menu without the prawns or as a separate main course with the prawns.
I had this two times, once in the menu and once separate and I preferred it separate for the obvious reason.
The scallops are cooked to perfection, melting in the mouth without being mushy or overcooked and being like rubber.
And the prawns are huge and meaty. The added tomatoes and the wonderful olive oil on the tagliatelle was great.
I enjoyed every single bite of this gorgeous meal.

The mother of all steaks
I have lived in Europe my whole life and have been to lots of restaurants and never was a steak bigger or even close in size than the one served at La Comedia restaurant in Vertus.
This restaurant was the only one in Vertus and for them to serve such great food was truly lucky.

The steak was served with potato wedges, a grilled tomato, eggplant salad (my favorite) and a pepper sauce. All local ingredients.
Cooked medium rare in a butter sauce, each bite was a treat. Steak goes great with a cold beer but we were in Champagne so we had our with a glass of Patrick Pougeoise bubbly made in Vertus. We could not have asked for a more local meal than that.

I highly recommend staying in Vertus and having dinner at La Comedia while in Champagne Region.

Escargot at La Comedia
If you are a fan of escargot, La Comedia in Vertus serves some of the best I've ever had. Smothered in butter and garlic and served on a hot plate. A real treat.

A meal so nice, you'll order it twice
During our weekend in Champagne region we drank great champagne, went on cave tours, saw fabulous architecture and ate amazing food.

The food at La Comedia is incredible. The tagliatelle with scallops are exquisite. The scallops are not overcooked and rubbery, they are just right, melting in the mouth.
For me, cooking scallops is always a challenge so I order it in restaurants any time I see it available.
La Comedia did not disappoint. I did not want this meal to end, it was that good.

The service is wonderful. Everybody moves fast, very clean, decent prices, champagne and nice music. A wonderful culinary experience.

4 Rue de Châlons, 51130 Vertus, France
+33 3 26 53 18 93
Tue, Thur - Sun 12pm - 2pm
Sun, Tue, Thur 7pm - 9:30pm
Fri, Sat 7pm - 10pm