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Restaurant CarLo 615

One of the best restaurants by the harbour
Each time I come here with my friend, we take a long look at the menu. "It's a shame," one of us will say. "They've got a choice of such amazing dishes. We should really try one of them." The other one will then put down the menu with a sigh. "We should. Next time. Today, I feel like eating a schnitzel."

I have tried a couple of the dishes that restaurant offers and they've all been amazing. And yet, after a day of work, I always end up with the schnitzel. You should come here, too, if you feel like eating one.

The meal size is decent. You're still hungry? Go for the creme brulée. You're not hungry anymore? Go for it anyway because it's one of the best desserts you can get in town. Once the sweet cream melts in your mouth, you won't regret it.
Warnowufer 61, 18057 Rostock, Germany
+49 381 7788099
Mon - Sat 12pm - 11pm