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Rendezous Bay

Woodlands, Montserrat
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Uncovering Montserrat's Only "White" Sand Beach Woodlands  Montserrat

Uncovering Montserrat's Only "White" Sand Beach

Montserrat, like many islands in the Lesser Antilles, is volcanic by origin and the island’s features are those typical of a volcanic island: steep hills, rich soil, and something many Americans have never experienced, black sand beaches.

So, yeah, black sand is nice and all, but I’m more than just a little biased towards white sand beaches. Montserrat has only one.

To get to it, park just north of Little Bay at a construction site that serves as the starting off point for the Rendezvous Nature Trail.

The path is fairly nonexistent, but it's tough to go too wrong. Just follow the easiest route in a diagonal direction towards the top. You’ll wind upwards over the construction site with a gorgeous view south into Little Bay. Long grasses will brush along your legs and birds will sing light encouragement.

Once you finally crest the hill, you’ll be treated to a gorgeous view down into the valley. At its center is a small, abandoned house, and Rendezvous Beach.

OK, rather than a white sand beach, it's more like a black sand beach with a little white sand sparsely sprinkled on top. It doesn't matter, though. This beach was gorgeous, secluded, and special. It’s truly a must visit on any trip to Montserrat.