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Reefs Resort and Club

Carefree Elegance at The Reefs Resort & Club
The Reefs Resort & Club blends a cheerful and sunny persona with a formal elegance that could only be described as uniquely Bermudian. Bright botanical prints and small splashes of color complement crisp white linens, deep wood tones, and tile floors in spacious guest rooms and elegant suites. This small, intimate property is perfect for couples yet laid-back enough for families. All rooms at The Reefs offer views of the turquoise-tinged waves of the Atlantic. La Serena Spa features a variety of massage techniques to relieve stress and rejuvenate the mind and body. Massage services include warm bamboo, sports, and Shiatsu as well as reflexology and couple’s massage. Sunrise yoga sessions on the beach and a luxurious infinity pool complete the trio of indulgent and meditative amenities available at The Reefs. Three on-site restaurants take advantage of the natural attractions at The Reefs with walls of windows that face the ocean, limestone cliffs, and lush vegetation surrounding the property. The Reefs has been named the number one resort in the Atlantic, Bermuda, Turks + Caicos, and the Bahamas by Conde Nast Traveler.

The Reefs Resort and Club
Built around the ruins of a 1680 farmhouse at Christian Bay, Southampton, the Reefs opened its doors in 1947 and overlooks one of Bermuda's prettiest coves. Much modified, expanded, and renovated over the years, the hotel has distinctive white Bermudian roofs (Mark Twain called them "icing on the cake") and salmon-pink walls. The resort is family-owned and gets a lot of praise for its emphasis on personal service, which helps account for guests who return year after year, decade after decade. There's great fishing right off the rocks in front of the resort, and the kitchen will prepare whatever you catch. Exploring the grounds is a treat, as they've been built up over the years. Wander out to a deck on the point for views around this superb setting.

There’s no escaping the beautiful Atlantic here, and guests wouldn’t have it any other way. Rooms and suites have a simple motif, the better not to detract from the ocean views enjoyed by every room. Recline on the terrace, sprawl on the sofa, or forget to get out of bed. There’s nothing to detract from pure relaxation.

Private Beach Bliss
The Reefs Resort and Club has its own private beach. It's worth pausing here to savor that thought: Private. Beach. Like everything else about The Reefs, what the beach lacks in size it makes up for in proportion and form: a couple-hundred yards of powdery, well-kept sand backed by the cliffs on which the hotel really does perch. The color of the sand is a matter of some debate, and whether you view it as pink, pink-hued, apricot, or even sun-dappled beige depends largely on where you fall on the marketing Rorschach test. Either way, it's beautiful. The water is safe for swimming, and complimentary kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and snorkeling equipment are available—the latter a must if you want to explore the reefs just offshore for which the hotel is named. A word of warning: Bermuda's waters are home to Portuguese men o'war, so keep an eye out. They are most likely to be blobbing around during spring or early summer, especially after a storm or heavy winds. Staff are on hand to set up sun loungers and serve drinks and food from Coconuts, the restaurant and bar located on the beach. Towels and changing rooms are available; all you need are your slip-slap-slops, your book, and a willingness to relax and be pampered.

Infinity Pool, Infinite Pleasure
While The Reefs Resort and Club does have two pools, only one is available to hotel guests; the other is reserved for members of The Reefs Club. No matter: The hotel pool is small but perfectly formed, a kidney-shaped saltwater infinity pool looking out over the Atlantic. This is the perfect place to float away your cares while gazing out over the soothing vastness of the ocean. If you're there during spring, keep an eye out for whales: Thousands of humpback whales pass by each year on their annual migration. Do also watch out for the raised bench in the pool that separates the main part of the pool from the "viewing gallery"—it can be as treacherous as any of the country's reefs, and many a swimmer (ok, me) has put to ground on it chest-first. Also, forget about getting any exercise here—the pool's not big enough, and besides, you're on vacation. Floaters who decide they want a proper swim should head down to the beach, just a few minutes away. The less active can hop into the adjacent hot tub or lounge beside the pool with a drink. Towels are provided.

#1 Hotel in the Atlantic
Year after year, The Reefs is named #1. The accommodations are cozy, the food is fresh and the staff make you feel at home. They have a picturesque private beach with attentive beach staff (keep those rum swizzles comin'!!). Also, the spa is one of (if not) the best on island. If you are looking for a quick getaway to Bermuda, be sure to check in at The Reefs.

Warm Bamboo Massage
La Serena Spa at The Reefs Resort & Club offers a range of massage treatments, but the one that really stands out is the Warm Bamboo massage. Now, you might not think the phrases "poked with wooden stick" and "blissful relaxation" go together, but they really do. The therapist uses a light, warm massage oil and applies pressure using a mixture of hands, elbows, and smooth bamboo rods of different sizes. The key is that these bamboo rods have been warmed up, and as they glide over your muscles that combination of heat with smooth but firm pressure lets you feel your knots of tension melting away. At first it can be difficult to tell where hand ends and bamboo begins, but as you tune into the process you notice how your body responds slightly differently to the different forms of touch. The Warm Bamboo massage can be light and relaxing or really dig in deep, so discuss with your therapist what you want. Either way, you'll finish feeling like you're wrapped in glowing clouds, and though neither the 60- or 90-minute options are cheap, they are worth it.

Finding Serenity at La Serena Spa
La Serena Spa has been repeatedly named among the top spas in the Caribbean and offers stunning views of the Bermuda coastline from each of their eight treatment rooms. With a full menu of individually tailored treatments and luxurious Elemis of London spa products used exclusively by La Serena, guests easily shed stress here. La Serena Spa offers group spa treatments as well as a loyalty program for its returning customers.

Hot Tub Chilling at Sandpiper Cottage
The biggest draw of Sandpiper cottage at The Reefs Resort & Spa is the private balcony overlooking the Atlantic, complete with . . . drumroll . . . private hot tub. Not just a hot tub, or a hot tub overlooking the ocean—but a private hot tub overlooking the ocean right outside your back door. While there's no one to serve you drinks—unless you're really nice to your cottagemates—it's not like you have far to waddle to reach your private stash of rum. The only downside is that when you need to cool down, the hotel's pool is a five-minute walk away, and wandering the streets of Bermuda in only a swimming costume is considered bad form. That's a minor inconvenience, though, and this hot tub was the perfect start and end to each of our days on Bermuda. It may even justify the sticker shock of renting your own hotel cottage in paradise.

Cliffside Cottage Stay
Much like Bermuda, The Reefs Resort and Club is elegant yet laid-back. Cliffside cottages sink casually into their tropical surroundings as they offer unobstructed views of pink sand, palm trees, and turquoise waves. Luxurious living comes in many forms at The Reefs: dive in the oceanfront infinity pool, indulge in treatments at La Serena Spa, unwind with beachfront yoga sessions, and dine at one of their three renowned restaurants. Their two and three bedroom cottages are well-appointed and exude carefree Bermuda charm to rooms and suites. A stay here is surely an experience to remember.

Discover the Element of Water at The Reefs
Come here to snorkel above coral reefs, kayak over turquoise waves, and find serenity next to the water. The Reefs Hotel & Club provides guests with all the gear to get out on the water (try standup paddle boarding too) and every luxury amenity you'd need to spend hours lounging. Make sure you slip into the hot tub to melt away any exertion from all of those water sports.

Pinks Sands and Turquoise Water
The only colors that come to mind then I think of Bermuda's beaches. I stayed at the Reefs Hotel which has a private beach. As soon as the sun came out, I planted myself under an umbrella and ordered a dark and stormy, a classic Bermuda cocktail. Surrounded by sand and surf, I was able to unwind among the island's natural beauty. Longing to go back!!

A Perfect Afternoon...
View from poolside at the Reefs Hotel.

Paradise is a Pink Sand Beach
Am I right?