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Redpath Museum

Browse a Quirky Collection of Relics at the Redpath Museum
“Located on the campus of McGill University, the quirky Redpath presents three floors of dinosaurs, mummies, letters from Charles Darwin, and totem poles frozen in time. It is one of Canada’s oldest museums, dating to 1882,” says Nathalie Bondil, head curator at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Read more about her local's take on Montreal here. This appeared in the November/December 2014 issue.

Cabinet of Curiosities
The Redpath Museum on McGill University's campus is in the oldest building in Canada constructed as a museum (it dates from 1882 and is one of the country's most noteworthy examples of Greek Revival architecture). Originally built to house the collection of Sir William Dawson, a natural scientist and later principal of McGill, there is still an appealingly Victorian quality to the collection here, which spans natural history, geology, archeology, and anthropology. As you wander, you'll jump from a display of colorful seashells to Egyptian mummies to First Nations weavings. It all leaves you with the feeling that you are perusing the random and diverse finds of 19th-century gentlemen explorers, in part because that's exactly what the Redpath's collection consists of, along with some more contemporary additions. The gorilla seen here, nicknamed George, has been an unofficial mascot of the Redpath for decades. Admission is free, so it's worth dropping in even if only for a quick look at the eclectic items on display.
Cabinet of Curiosities  Montreal  Canada

859 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC H3A 0C4, Canada
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