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The Best Soup on the Block
Soi 11 in the Ratchathewi district of Bangkok is filled to the brim with street food vendors. But I can say with a little bit of certainty that this lady serves up the tastiest soup in the neighborhood.
Spicy Balls
I'm not quite sure what these fried balls contained. But the lady was quick to smile at my helplessness, although she could not help me figure out just what the heck I was eating.
Spicy Balls Bangkok  Thailand

The Banana Cowboy
This guy serves up some tasty bananas--although they are much smaller than the ones we are used to in the states. The blur sums up Bangkok perfectly--always in a rush. But a beautiful, fine-frenzied, electrifying rush.
The Banana Cowboy Bangkok  Thailand

10 Baht Mangos
Strolling along Soi 11, part of the Ratchathewi district of Bangkok, you'll stumble upon fruits in all sizes and colors. Grab a green mango for a refreshing snack or a yellow one to mix with your sticky rice. This area is perfect for walking and you'll definitely want to try something from these vendors.
10 Baht Mangos Bangkok  Thailand

Next Stop "Ratchathewi"
Get off at the BTS Ratchathewi stop and just a few feet away you'll stumble upon tasty stir fry and a perfect meal for just 30 Baht. If you want to splurge order the duck.
Next Stop "Ratchathewi" Bangkok  Thailand

Ratchathewi, Bangkok, Thailand
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