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The Palace on Wheels
It was a thrill traveling on this "Palace On Wheels". It was really the Majaraja's private train that has now been refurbished and travels for 7 days throughout the state of Rajastan. This includes Udiapur, Jodhpur, deserts and magnificent palaces and cities.
Men Chatting in Jodhpur
I saw these men chatting and playing games in the Blue City in Jodhpur and stopped to take a picture. The Blue City is a part of Jodhpur where all the buildings are painted blue in color.
Men Chatting in Jodhpur Nagaur  India

Street Scene: Driving Rajasthan
Every second there is a picture to take and a picture missed while traveling in India. Life is happening 360 and in full force everywhere you turn and everywhere you go .Chances are, when you get home ,the images you remember most won't be in your camera.
Street Scene: Driving Rajasthan Nagaur  India

Road Trip Through Rajasthan
I arrived in India with travel ego. "I will only take public transportation around Rajasthan," I boasted. I planned to see and do it all in only a week. Here's the thing about travel ego: it never pays off. And when it comes to public transport in India, well ... I'll let you fill in the blanks.

Have a back up plan. I knew I couldn't miss Pushkar's camel fair by waiting around in Delhi for the train to suddenly work, so (ego bruised) I hired a private driver. It only cost $30 a day, which was a splurge, but worth every dollar. I highly recommend Ashok's Car Service, which I heard about through the grape vine. I called last minute and he had someone available for me within an hour. Our driver was knowledgeable, safe, and friendly. I made it to the Pushkar Camel Fair on time with all my limbs and chose to continue the road trip through Rajasthan.
Road Trip Through Rajasthan Nagaur  India

Cycling in Rajasthan
On our trip through the amazing countryside in Rajasthan, we met this sweet boy who was fascinated about our cycles. He was so proud that we took a picture with him and the bike.
Cycling in Rajasthan Nagaur  India