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Sleeping in a Train Station and Lessons Learned in Traveling

It was time to move on. After two weeks in Tamraght {Agadir Region}, we have to move somewhere new. A place where we can explore Morocco more. Before anything else, my stay is running out: Filipinos are only allowed to stay in Morocco for 60 days. I’m already marking my second month and my time is running out. I have to decide where to go next. I inquired about my visa in Tangier but unfortunately, all foreigners can process their visas only in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco. I didn’t plan to go to this city because there’s nothing much here but modernity but I have to go.

Rabat is 7-8 hours away from Tamraght. We took a bus from Agadir to Marrakesh {3 hours} then from there, a train to Rabat {4 hours}. It was a tedious day and a lot of things happened along the way. With this, my story goes with three formulas I learned from this day. The ending?

Sleeping in the station.

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