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Rabat, Morocco
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Where Haggling Meets Beach Combing-Rabat's Ability to Turn a Tourist into a Traveler Rabat  Morocco

Where Haggling Meets Beach Combing-Rabat's Ability to Turn a Tourist into a Traveler

My sister eager to greet the vendors and the Harsha she had been without, having moved to a nearby city, rushed us out of the train station in Rabat and took us on an abridged yet highly recommended route through the capital. My conscientious sister made sure to inform us of all of the customs regarding photographs so that's why this picture, literally taken behind my back was one of pure luck and somehow captured the cities indescribable aesthetic.

We scurried through the Quartier d'Ocean where the mystique of Morocco was only intensified by the Atlantic spray that greeted us as we descended from the haggling and busyness. After sneaking this picture we continued North toward the Kasbah wall reveling in all of the activities taking place on the beach. We purchased freshly made potato chips that satiated my dad's hunger and jet lagged attitude as we began to scale the steps of the old fortress. Once at the top a beautiful panorama is available of the ocean but we headed quickly to my sister's friend's house in the breathtaking blue kasbah. Looking out over the laundry filled rooftops was incredible and soon were dropped into the bustling medina. Every vendor attempts to greet you in the language of your assumed country which is amusing especially when traveling in groups of varied ethnicities. The omnipresent sounds of the call to prayer and my sister's whirlwind tour helped me to appreciate the lifestyle and Islamic culture tourists miss simply shopping in the souks.