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鮨処切通 Sushi-dokoro Kiritoshi

Japan, 〒299-4623 Chiba-ken, Isumi-shi, Misakichōnakadaki, 鮨処切通
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The Hidden Fish Fantastic Isumi  Japan

The Hidden Fish Fantastic

It practically goes without saying that as the birthplace of sushi, Japan is home to the world’s best. Likewise, just about everyone around the world who enjoys consuming the flesh of raw fish knows that with this level of quality, prices are expected to match—30,000 yen per head at one of Tokyo's high-end sushi joints is pretty much par for the course if you want to sample the globe’s finest ichthyoids in their uncooked state. But a similar (if not identical) level of sushi supremacy can be had for one-tenth the price and with none of the pretentiousness, provided you’re willing to venture a little farther afield than a taxi ride from your hotel. Where? A well-kept secret called Kiritoshi.

A small, unassuming family-run restaurant nestled among a bunch of rice paddies on the east coast of Chiba Prefecture, Kiritoshi offers some of the finest fish available in all of Japan, from live snow crab flown in from Hokkaido and top-grade tuna from Tsukiji to locally caught horse mackerel straight from the fisherman’s boat. And here’s the punchline—with drinks (huge stein-sized mugs of draft beer and craft sake brewed using local rice), the average bill for one is around 4,000 yen. That's right--for significantly less than what you’d pay for almost the same quality at one of the top sushi eateries in town, you can take a relaxing train ride out to the beach, take in the sights, dine at your leisure and head back to the big city with change in your pocket, all in under half a day.